-Official Server Olympics Race!- (March 2019)

Sunday, March 10, 2019
2:00PM CST
3:00PM EST
12:00PM PST

1. Without a Flying Mount and a Water Mount you won't be able to participate
2. DO NOT skip or try to take any undesignated shortcuts through the track.
3. Pokemon should not be too big (Like gino tyrantrum)(Recommended are: Small,Runt,Pygmy & Microscopic)


First Place:
- Legendary of choice (Gen 1-7)
- 100k ingame

Second Place:
- Legendary of choice (Gen 1-6)
- 50k ingame

Third Place:
- Shiny of choice (Gen 1-7)
- 25k ingame

Participation Reward:
- Shiny Starter Gen 7 (Vote with a Reaction 1⃣ = Rowlet 2⃣ = Little 3⃣ = Popplio) Whichever has more votes will be rewarded to all Participants.

Course Preview Video: