I think that there should be a replacement of either the Mew crate or the Mewtwo crate called the Daily crate, with one key that you get from using /kit daily. By combining the Mew crate and Mewtwo crate, some items can remain the same in the reformed Mew crate, while some of the old items/pokemon can be added into the Daily crate. Within the Daily crate, there could be more basic pokemon like starters, Eevee/Ditto, dratini, etc. as well as enchanted tools like the Poke J's or Mewtwo's Waraxe. The Mew crate could primarily consist of legendaries like Mew, Mewtwo, Darkrai, Lugia, etc. and certain Pixelmon-related items. Seeing as how both Mew and Mewtwo crate keys are offered for every important leader battle, the number of Mew crate keys could be increased, or the past Mewtwo crate keys could be replaced with a random type-crate key, like the Electric crate or Fire crate. I feel like this would add more diversity to the crate experience while still giving players a chance to win legendaries and special Pixelmon items.

If the staff think this is a good enough idea and would want specifics as to which items could go into certain crates, I would be more than willing to help with that too. Thanks!